Dog Arthritis: What Every Owner Should Know

Much like in humans, arthritis is one of the most common sources of chronic pain in dogs. Unlike people though, dogs can’t talk and tell their owners to take them to the doctor at the first sign of pain. Often arthritis goes unnoticed, and untreated, until pain is constant and significant.

Types of Arthritis

Inflammatory Joint Disease

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints, so “inflammatory joint disease” may sound somewhat redundant but this type of arthritis is usually caused by an underlying infection or problem within the immune system. Inflammatory arthritis typically affects several joints causing stiffness, pain, and is often accompanied by a fever. It is important that the cause of this type of arthritis be properly diagnosed in order for proper treatment to be provided.

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Degenerative Joint Disease or Osteoarthritis

This type of arthritis occurs, usually in older dogs, due to stress on the joints and damage to the cartilage protecting the joints. This may be the result of normal stress due to activity, an injury, hip displasia, or other malformations that cause unusual stress on the joints. Since cartilage has no nerves, degenerative arthritis is not often recognized until damage is significant.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Any change in your dogs behavior or activity level should be brought to a veterinarian’s attention but the following are common signs of pain from arthritis:

  • Limping
  • Difficulty getting up
  • Reluctance or refusal to walk, climb stairs, or jump
  • Noticeable stiffness
  • Change in behavior
  • Change in eating habits
  • Less playful

Arthritis Treatment

Damage from degenerative joint disorder can sometimes be prevented or slowed with surgery if joint malformations are spotted early. X-rays are not usually taken without cause, however, and once pain begins it is often to late to advise surgery or prevent progress of the disease.

One reason that large dogs are more susceptible to arthritis is that they weigh more, ,and often are overweight. Since the more a dog weighs the more stress is put on the joints, diet and exercise may be recommended.

Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as glucosamine or Boswellan may be prescribed but dosage should always be monitored by a veterinarian.

Heat therapy is when hot water bottles or hot compresses are applied to the affected area several times a day for 15 to 20 minutes. Owners who use this method should be sure the bottle or compress is not hot enough to cause discomfort.

Some owners use massage to relieve the pain and stiffness of their dog’s arthritis. One technique is to use a medicated massage oil (approved by a veterinarian) and apply using gentle, circular motions twice a day. Not all dogs will stay still for this so it depends on the dogs temperament.

Whatever treatment is chosen, the dog should be taken regularly to the veterinarian for monitoring.

Gary Paulsen Facts – Wild information

Every person who had read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen in their middle school surely discovered that the writer was able to receive a Newbery Honor in the year 1988. The mentioned was said to be sold for it had been reproduced for almost a million-copy. There was 54 days of grim survival here, most especially for that of Brian. The mentioned was considered to be the adolescent hero. This was based after the early years of Paulsen. There are still many other Gary Paulsen facts waiting to be discovered.

The truth though is that the man behind the book is not just some boy who happened to be a former survivalist. It had taken more than that. He used to be a fur trapper, dogsled racer, ex-carny, and even a missile-tracker. He never stopped in looking for a home base. This is for certain.

The man of the land

Even when he was still young, Paulsen got to round up his meals and he undertook this on the forest. He also provided shelter and clothing for his own. This is not surprising because he admitted to being raised by a family that does not have any Wal-Mart around. This is the reason why he was somehow forced to make his own harness, sleds and clothing.

26paul_CA1.600.jpg (600×280)

It even came to a point when he preferred to be making his own clothes instead. This stayed true up until today. He would rather pursue homemade products as compared to those being bought on the stores. He is not very much fond of those.

Paulsen is also considered a misanthrope. This means that he will be willingly happen to spend his time in various landscapes. This is what he did in shack in New Mexico. This is also the case for his compound in Alaska. This was even observed in his beat-up sailboat which cruised the Pacific. It will not matter actually for as long as it is populated or even deserted for that matter. This should not be taken wrong because he is not in any way favoring against people. He is not like this and he said this in interview at the New York Times in the year 2006. However, he believed that such species have always been a mess. This pushed him to wanting to be alone at some point. This was his perception and still his perception.

Aside from the mentioned, Paulsen pursued bows over that of guns. This is another characteristic of him. He observed this whenever he has to hunt or trap. This was also mentioned during the 2007 interview he had. He even added that he had never been a fan of technology and there is even this claim saying that he does not believe in email. They know that computers come with language of distractions. These are all equated towards the function of television. There is even this notion that the mentioned is responsible in destroying the real concept of language. He concluded this during a live chat.

Bagel Nutrition Facts – Its value

Bagels are known to be the close cousin of pretzel. It has been claimed like that because both actually originated in the 1960’s. These were both from Poland. These are both created out of yeast. This is rolled manually through the hands. This is then boiled then baked in order for a crispy outer layer to be produced. These are always seen around Bagel nutrition facts. These come in various flavors and types. There is an average-size for this. It may only be about 3.5 to an extent of 4 oz. This may differ though depending upon the source there is. It will not be bad to select from plain, down to whole grain and raisin bagels. There are those which come with seeds and other toppings.

20091005dunkdonuts.jpg (500×390)


Even if plain, it cannot be denied that the bread is by far wholesome. The average size comes with 290 calories. This may start from the carbohydrates nutrients. As for the average though, it may give off 1.5 to even 2 grams of fat. This will depend upon the method it has been prepared and cooked. There may be 60 grams of these carbohydrates. Aside from this, 3 grams of fiber is also present. This is coupled with 10 grams of protein.

There is an average of whole-grain bagel. This on the other hand features 337 calories. This is from the carbohydrate. This may also give off 4 grams of fat eventually. This is also present with 63 grams of carbohydrates. The same is also true with fiber and protein which are 6 and 12 initially. These whole grain bagels are crucial because these are rich in fiber. These are all packed in whatever bagel there is. This is one of the reasons why they have always been special and nutritious. The only thing though is to make sure that they are moderately consumed only. They can be the perfect part of balanced diet. There may be an extra fiber here. This will help in supporting a healthy digestion. This may also be the answer to the slow rise of blood sugar which every person is yearning for. This can be through consumptions of foods which are somehow rich in carbohydrates.

There are also bagels which are fruit-flavored. These have raisins and even other sweet fruits. The average-sized cinnamon may have raisin again and it is present with 313 calories, 64 grams of carbohydrates and even 2.3 grams of fat. There may also be protein which is usually 10 grams. There are other varieties which are also fruit-flavored. These include apple cinnamon and blueberry. These are not to be counted as fruits though. This is such because the content here may be low. Fruit slices may be added though. These are the preservation required for a healthy diet contribution.

What are the best ways to eat bagels anyway? Do not forget to have these bagels eaten right away. These may be stored for breakfast but that is just about it. It may be frozen if there is a need for it.

Interesting things to know about emperor penguin facts

The emperor penguin is a kingdom of animalia which belongs to the class aves. The binomial name of the emperor penguin is aptenodytes forsteri because its species are forsteri and family is spheniscidae. The interesting emperor penguin facts are the heaviest and tallest animals of all living penguin species in the world. This penguin endemic to Antarctica but there is a similarity in male and female because of its size and plumage. The emperor penguin is reaching maximum up to 122 cm and 48 in height and its weighing ranges from 22 to 45 kg. The color of this penguin is black at dorsal side and head and then sharply delineated from bright yellow ear patches, white belly and pale yellow breast.

As like other penguins, this species is flightless which has a streamlined body, stiffened wings and it is flattened into flippers in a marine habitat. Usually, this kind of penguin takes diet on fish, crustaceans like krill, squid and cephalopods. During hunting, this species can stay submerged up to 18 minutes and also diving up to 535 m deep, i.e. 1, 755 feet. However, the emperor penguin has many adaptations that include ability to minimize its metabolism, solid bones to reduce the barotraumas; even it allows operating at low oxygen levels and shutting down the non-essential organ functions. It is the only penguin in the species that breeds during the Antarctic Winter and has an ability to trek from 50 to 120km long over the ice.

Habitat and behavior of emperor penguin

The female emperor penguin lays a single egg, which is hatched by the male penguin when the female return back to the sea to feed, then both male and female penguin is caring for their chick. The total lifespan of the species is 20 years in the wild, but some penguins may live up to 50 years. Actually, the emperor penguin is a social animal in which the group of penguins is hunting together by coordinating their diving and surfacing. These penguins may be active in the day or night and it travels in most of the locations like nesting areas, ocean foraging areas and often dispersed into the oceans from January to March.

Important facts about emperor penguin

One of the exciting emperor penguin facts is really beautiful birds which have a black head, wings, back and tail and a white stomach. Its body has yellow gold markings on the both sides of their neck and head. Among the different kinds of penguins, the emperor penguins are the largest and tallest penguins that measure the height of 115 cm tall. Most of these penguins are spending their lives almost in Antarctica, where the temperature can be dropped up to -60 degree Celsius. It is mostly likes to survey in such low temperatures but it becomes a brilliant bird among all others. It has a large space of insulating body fat with many layers of scale-like feathers. These feathers help them to protect from icy winds and keep themselves warm.