Gary Paulsen Facts – Wild information

Every person who had read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen in their middle school surely discovered that the writer was able to receive a Newbery Honor in the year 1988. The mentioned was said to be sold for it had been reproduced for almost a million-copy. There was 54 days of grim survival here, most especially for that of Brian. The mentioned was considered to be the adolescent hero. This was based after the early years of Paulsen. There are still many other Gary Paulsen facts waiting to be discovered.

The truth though is that the man behind the book is not just some boy who happened to be a former survivalist. It had taken more than that. He used to be a fur trapper, dogsled racer, ex-carny, and even a missile-tracker. He never stopped in looking for a home base. This is for certain.

The man of the land

Even when he was still young, Paulsen got to round up his meals and he undertook this on the forest. He also provided shelter and clothing for his own. This is not surprising because he admitted to being raised by a family that does not have any Wal-Mart around. This is the reason why he was somehow forced to make his own harness, sleds and clothing.

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It even came to a point when he preferred to be making his own clothes instead. This stayed true up until today. He would rather pursue homemade products as compared to those being bought on the stores. He is not very much fond of those.

Paulsen is also considered a misanthrope. This means that he will be willingly happen to spend his time in various landscapes. This is what he did in shack in New Mexico. This is also the case for his compound in Alaska. This was even observed in his beat-up sailboat which cruised the Pacific. It will not matter actually for as long as it is populated or even deserted for that matter. This should not be taken wrong because he is not in any way favoring against people. He is not like this and he said this in interview at the New York Times in the year 2006. However, he believed that such species have always been a mess. This pushed him to wanting to be alone at some point. This was his perception and still his perception.

Aside from the mentioned, Paulsen pursued bows over that of guns. This is another characteristic of him. He observed this whenever he has to hunt or trap. This was also mentioned during the 2007 interview he had. He even added that he had never been a fan of technology and there is even this claim saying that he does not believe in email. They know that computers come with language of distractions. These are all equated towards the function of television. There is even this notion that the mentioned is responsible in destroying the real concept of language. He concluded this during a live chat.